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Zenith Maritime - Sureveying & Consultancy


Tom began his career in the marine industry back in 2008 by joining the Merchant Navy as an officer cadet at the age of 18. Recently, Tom trained as a marine surveyor, specialising in yachts and small craft, with the International Institute of Marine Surveyors after which, Zenith Maritime was born. Starting up a new business from scratch meant that Tom needed everything; logo design, business cards, website as well as connections to new social media pages.

Zenith Maritime - Sureveying & Consultancy


Zenith Maritime - Sureveying & ConsultancyZenith Maritime - Sureveying & ConsultancyZenith Maritime - Sureveying & Consultancy

66Ceri did an amazing job of my new companies website. She took all of the hassle away from me, allowing me to dedicate my time to other areas of the business. She was prompt in responding to requests and provided great insights and advice. As a result, the end product is fantastic.99

Tom Willis, Zenith Maritime - Sureveying & Consultancy - 2018